Welcome to the voxel dimension

The Voxel Dimension is a collaboration of international mixed media creatives with a common interest in the world of Voxel. We create images, animations and full 3d models for application everywhere, from the game design industry to the NFT space.

Let's Create.

Voxel eggs collection

This collection is an inspired digital re-imagination of the infamous Tsar Fabergé eggs. Much like their 19th century muse; each is hand crafted, unique and finite. The Voxel Eggs collection is a purchasable NFT comprised of limited ERC-721 tokens stored on the Ethereum Blockchain. 100% free-range.

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Voxel City

Welcome to the Voxel City Project! This new world is an unprecedented opportunity for anyone who wants to stake their claim on the virtual landscape. The perfect place to call home is waiting for you among our quiet, tree lined suburban streets or sun-kissed waterfronts. If more of the hustle and bustles of city life suits your tastes then look no further than one of our central business districts. (pre-sale only)

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